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Achna Speedway Festival Details


November 24, 2011 News

Cyprus Motor Sport Festival @ Achna speedway

The festival will take place on 26th and 27th of November. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to watch live drift race, moto race, kart race, drag race and

November 16, 2011 News

4os Agonas Drift Cyprus 2011

4os agonas drift  2011 1)Doros Frantzeskou . E-30 sr20 2)Pambos Xaralambous . E-30 v8 3)Paris Andreou . Silvia s

October 23, 2011 Videos

Drift race 2011 @ Achna speedway Cyprus Top 16

4th drift race last 16 drivers, full race @ Achna speedway cyprus httpv://

October 19, 2011 Videos

Achna Speedway Final Race Pambos vs Doros

The final race of the 4th Drift Race in Cyprus. Doros vs Pambos with BMW E30 where the winner was Doros with a 6-4 score.

October 16, 2011 Videos

serres drift 2011 pambos e30 v8 vs starlet sr20

pambos e30 v8 m5 cyprus vs toyota starlet sr20det greece driftwars

September 13, 2011 Videos

Achna Speedway – Cyprus Drift FINAL – Pampos vs Doros

httpv:// httpv://   Achna Speedway 3rd round Final. Pampos vs Doros. E30 M5 v8 VS E30 sr20det

July 30, 2011 Videos
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